Race Info.
Kids ROCK Triathlon
Presented by Raise the Bar
August 5, 2012
10.00 AM
Black Diamond, WA

Packet Pickup is Saturday, 8/4,  12-4 at the race site or from 6-8AM on race day. We’ll have a race number and pins for you in your packet.



Parking is limited at the race venue (75-100 cars only), but is available in an unlimited quantity about ¼ mile from the race. Please plan on the possibility of riding your bike and carrying your gear from the Sawyer Woods Elementary School parking lot to the transition area.



Set-up  You can set up your stuff in the kids transition area anytime after 8AM.  The adult athletes will be getting ready for their race and there will be lots happening before 8, and you can come early if you want to.  But you don’t have to really start getting your bike in transition or your stuff set up until after 8:00.  If you have questions, ask anyone in a yellow shirt - they are the volunteers and want to help you



What you’ll need If this is your first race, here’s some help on what to bring:


Swim:  All you really need is a swim suit, but if you need some help staying on TOP of the water, bring a life jacket or a noodle or a PARENT!!!  You can use any help you want to in the water.  Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t swim - use whatever or whomever you need to get it done.  If you want to do the race and your parents can’t help cause they can’t swim, then email Kathy and she’ll find someone to swim with you!!!


Bike:  Bring a functioning bike and a helmet.  There will be a mechanic on site that can help with any emergent bike repairs, but don’t bring a bike in need of repair on race day.  


Run:  You only need a pair of shoes for this part - and probably the same shoes you’ll use riding your bike, so this part is easy.



WATER is in short supply  at the race site.  There is no running water at this un-developed park.  Bottled water will be available for you at the finish line but we encourage you to bring your own generous supply for this AUGUST race! Tell your mom and dad to bring some too!!



Dude, bring water

Map & Directions.